About Duncan Baker

My name is Duncan Baker, I'm 39 and I am your Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for North Norfolk.

North Norfolk has not been able to return a Conservative MP for over 17 years.  At the last two General Elections we have been so close to winning but, in my mind lost simply because North Norfolk people want a local candidate for the future.  Someone they know and trust and have heard of.  Someone they can identify with rather than be ‘seen’ as an outsider in their constituency. 

I am ‘North Norfolk’ through and through having been born here, educated, worked in and now living in the area.  I went away to University and started my career by working in Norwich but have returned to my home and spent the last 10 years working hard in the community to raise my profile and make a name for myself.  I understand the local issues and can hit the ground running by knowing a great deal about the area rather than someone new to the constituency. 

As well as being local, I am a business man with a proven qualification working for a well-known, respected local company.  With a fantastic skill base behind me (Chartered Accountancy) I bring a hugely useful set of skills with knowledge and ability to be able to do the job well and represent the Conservative party to the highest level.  Many voters want MPs with outside Westminster careers behind them to represent them today and this will be seen as an advantage in my constituency, in that I’ve lived and worked outside of Politics.

As well as having the local credentials and the ability to deliver a win, I’m committed to the challenge ahead.  I have enough local, grass roots experience behind me to understand what it takes to win.  I’ve spent 10 years in local politics, rising through the ranks from a Town Councillor to a local Mayor (in Holt) to the District Council and being a key decision maker on the Cabinet.  This route has given me a terrific grounding to be a candidate and taught me an enormous amount about how to conduct myself, work with people and find solutions to often difficult problems.  I’ve spent the last three General Elections canvassing and have some insight in what it takes having worked with James Wild in 2017.

I feel I have a good, solid basis to work from in being already known locally and being aware of many of the issues local people are concerned about.  I have the grounding in local politics and am ready to beat the Liberal Democrats and cement this seat as a Conservative stronghold for many years.  North Norfolk has strong traditional family values being a predominantly, older demographics area. 

Family life is very important to me.  I have been married to my wife Nina for over 10 years who is also a Chartered Accountant and works locally.  We have two daughters, Isabelle 7 and Eleanor 3.  When we're not working, family time is important but I also enjoy a bit of tennis or golf and walks around our beautiful North Norfolk countryside.

I am willing to dedicate myself to this, am honest, hardworking, and committed – key attributes to be a successful MP for the long term.

I look forward to meeting you soon!