Improving Rural Broadband & Mobile

One of the most important things that would make a real difference to people across North Norfolk would be a decent mobile phone reception wherever they live or travel to, and better, faster, more reliable broadband.

Improving mobile and internet connectivity will make a huge difference to the quality of our lives and our ability to do business. Access and connectivity are key enablers, particularly in our rural area. 

As your MP, I will work with mobile network companies and broadband providers to make the difference for homes and businesses across the constituency. 

Working with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Norfolk County Council has secured £8m of funding as part of a programme to upgrade more than 370 of Norfolk’s public sector buildings to the latest ultrafast connection speeds. This alone will enable 230 schools to be upgraded to 1Gb fibre internet connection speeds within two years.

Imagine taking this incredible work and rolling it out to our homes and businesses. As a key priority I want to drive jobs and growth, through economic development, therefore improving businesses connectivity, across the board is a key part of my overall strategy.

Just because we live in a rural area is not an excuse that we should be at the back of the queue for technology and related infrastructure. It is high time we raised the flag that our services need improving and, once and for all, get the investment we deserve.