North Norfolk Power 4 Ukraine


In mid November, a group of North Norfolk constituents and myself took aid to Ukraine. As many of you know, we took Anna and Sviatik who had lived with my family since 3rd April to be reunited with their husband and Father too.

Since we returned, Putin has bombarded Ukrainian cities with drone and missile attacks, specifically to destroy innocent civilian power infrastructure. To break the will of the Ukrainian people, he wants to now freeze and starve them into surrender. The group that visited in November want to return with more aid. People are in desperate need of emergency electricity supplies.

When we visited, we were told by the aid agency that Ukrainians were desperate for generators. 

Myself, Rob Scammell, Michelle Foulkes and Paul East want to return with our vans filled with generators for distribution to those struggling for power. In order to provide medical care, light, heat, communications and a means to cook food, we want to raise enough money to fill at least a couple of transit vans.

We know that so many people want to help, we've already had generators donated so we are aiming to return in February with enough money raised to buy as many generators are we can. The average temperature in Kyiv in February ranges from -1°C to as low as -8°C.


👍 You can click the link of our JustGiving page and donate - any amount will help us. Typically a small generator can be £250 to a large unit of £1,000. Cheques can be made payable to Robert Scammell and delivered to Cafe Kitale in North Walsham.

👍 You purchase one yourself and deliver it to Cafe Kitale in North Walsham. Rob Scammell has a secure location for storage. Or if you buy one for us we can collect it, if you contact Rob Scammell on 01692 407015.

👍 Lastly, you can order online at and set the store collection as North Walsham. Paul East will be collecting units on a daily basis. If you contact the store giving your name the manager will take details so we know to collect. Toolstation also sell generators.

You can order a generator from any of the below suppliers, and then either drop it off to Cafe Kitale in North Walsham, or one of the team can come and pick it up for you. 


Tool Station

Machine Mart


Thank you for your support.