This page provides up-to-date information, guidance, and advice regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19). For the latest health advice visit Norfolk County Council and Local Resilience Forum updates are being provided regularly by Cllr Judy Oliver, and are included here as soon as they are issued. 

Last updated: 13:02, Wednesday 28th May

Test and Trace

NHS Test and Trace

NHS Test and Trace is now in operation. As per the diagram above, if you develop coronavirus symptoms you should start isolating and call 119 to book a test. Equally, if you are contacted by NHS Test and Trace because you have come into contact with an infected person, you should also start isolating and book a test if you develop symptoms. 


Government guidance was updated on Monday 11th May. A list of Frequently Asked Questions, with further information about the changes, can be found here. In summary:

  • The list of businesses which must remain closed can be found here. Other business may continue but employees should travel to work only if they can avoid public transport. Employers have an obligation, under health and safety legislation, to ensure workplaces are safe to work in - following social distancing, hand-washing, and other hygiene protocols.  

You should leave home only for the following reasons:

  • Shopping for food: please shop infrequently and use online ordering wherever possible. We have fantastic local shops, pubs, and restaurants offering deliveries and takeaways. Remember that whilst supermarkets and multinationals have some resilience, it is our local businesses which are suffering most during this time of crisis: please support them as best you can so they can continue supporting you. 
  • Taking exercise: restrictions on taking exercise will be relaxed from Wednesday 13th May.
    - From then, you will be able to exercise for an unlimited period of time, or play sport, on your own, or with members of your own household.
    - You can meet one other person from outside your own household, but you must observe social distancing rules, staying 2m away from others at all times.
    - If walking a dog, keep the dog on a lead in busy places so you can keep your distance from others, and always wash your hands before and after handling a dog.
    - You are permitted to drive to a destination to take exercise, and there is no limit on the distance you may travel. However, hotels, camping and caravanning sites, and bed & breakfasts remain closed so you will not be able to stay overnight or for a longer period of time.
    - Leaving your home to stay at another (or second) home is not permitted. 
  • Attending essential medical appointments: only when instructed to attend by your GP, hospital, or other healthcare provider. Use wherever possible, and do not visit your GP surgery unless you have spoken with them first to agree a visit is necessary.
  • Travelling to work: only if can you can travel to work without using public transport to do so; and always observing social distancing, hand-washing, and other hygiene protocols. 
  • Helping vulnerable people.

Dominic Cummings

Duncan has received a huge amount of correspondence concerning this issue over the weekend, and has published the following statement. Those who have contacted Duncan's office individually will receive a detailed response as soon as possible. 

"I hope you have had an enjoyable Bank Holiday. Understandably I have been inundated with questions and opinions relating to the Dominic Cummings situation. Instead of responding immediately to media reports, I have taken time to listen to a great many comments from constituents, and to assess the facts which have emerged since the story broke on Friday.

"This issue goes beyond politics: it is about the right behaviour and standards I believe in – the standards I hope I have demonstrated since being elected to serve as your MP. We cannot give the impression there is one rule for some and another for the rest. Dominic Cummings has explained his actions, and I am sure we can all sympathise with the desire of a father and husband to keep his sick family safe. Further, Durham Police has now confirmed no offences were committed, and that they do not intend to take any further action.

"However, based on what we have been told so far, in my view it was not appropriate to take the actions he did. Dominic Cummings is a high-profile public figure. He may not be an MP but given his role and profile it is absolutely vital that he leads by example. Even more so when he has played a significant part in shaping the rules we have been following. It is my view that he broke the spirit – if not the letter – of the guidance designed to limit the spread of coronavirus. He should now have the courage to admit his judgement was questionable, and should be reprimanded. He has undermined the whole essence of the government’s key “Stay at Home” messaging. Given my strong stance imploring people not to visit their second homes here in North Norfolk, you can imagine how strongly I feel about this situation.

"Since Saturday morning, I have – through the appropriate channels – made my thoughts on this issue known to senior figures in the government. That is the correct way to voice my concerns, and I will continue to do so. This story has become a distraction from the otherwise exemplary response by the government and by all of us here in North Norfolk."

Coronavirus Community Support Fund

The Coronavirus Community Support Fund was launched on Friday 22nd May. This makes £200m available to small and medium organisations in England. Distributed by the National Lottery Community Fund, this will provide much-needed financial support, and is part of a £750m support package that the Chancellor announced on 8th April. 

Organisations providing services to people and communities affected by Covid-19 can apply, as well as organisations overcome by any acute financial difficulties they are facing because of the pandemic. Full details can be found here. Several local organisations, including Sheringham Little Theatre, have already benefited from this scheme. 

Coronavirus Testing

Testing is now available to:

  • essential workers with coronavirus symptoms
  • anyone aged 65 or over with coronavirus symptoms
  • anyone who cannot work from home and has coronavirus symptoms
  • anyone with coronavirus who lives with an essential worker, a person aged 65 or over, or someone who travels to work

Further information on accessing the service is available here. You can apply for a test here.

Support for the Vulnerable

If you are vulnerable and in need of support, either now or in the coming weeks, Norfolk County Council has a dedicated helpline to provide assistance: telephone 0344 800 8020.

Norfolk County Council has updated its guidance for carers, which can be found here

Those identified by the NHS or local GPs as being most at risk from coronavirus (those in the 'shielding' category) are being invited to send their local Primary Care Network daily updates on their health. If there is cause for concern, or if the Network has not heard from the patient for several days, they will be phoned by CCG staff for a welfare check and to see if any medical intervention is required. Please contact your GP to find out more about this service. 

The NCC Short Breaks Team has made funding available for the families of over 900 children with special educational needs and disabilities who receive short breaks, to buy play equipment to support their needs at home (eg. books, arts, craft materials, and tables) - with a spend of up to £500 per child deducted from annual short breaks funding allowance. 

Social Care

On 16th April, the government announced its action plan for adult social care, addressing the concerns which have been raised in recent weeks by many in the social care sector. Full details can be found here

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Norfolk County Council want parents, carers, children, and young people to know about the NHS 'Just One Norfolk' mental health portal which is now the single place to access mental health advice and support for 0-25 year olds. No referral is needed, and advice and support can be requested straight away. If needed, users will be referred for more specialist help. 

Additionally, there is now a 24/7 helpline for people of all ages, offering immediate support for mental health difficulties arising from the coronavirus situation. The line is also open for healthcare professionals such as ambulance staff and GPs, social care colleagues and police personnel, who may need advice when working with individuals undergoing mental health difficulties. Telephone 0800 196 3494.


Norfolk County Council will reopen Sheringham Recycling Centre on Friday 22nd May. This brings the total number of sites now open to nine: Thetford, Dereham, Caister, Ketteringham, Mile Cross, King's Lynn, Sheringham, Mayton Wood, and Hempton. Strict rules are in place to ensure waste is disposed of in line with social distancing rules. Further information can be found here

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Offers to make visors or other PPE from many local academic institutions or businesses are being co-ordinated by the Norfolk Resilience Forum. The Forum and Local Enterprise Partnership have been working to source as much PPE as possible from local supplies. An appeal has been launched to urge businesses and communities across Norfolk to help secure supplies of PPE for workers in vital services. As many small businesses are currently closed, their PPE such as masks, disposable gloves, aprons, eye goggles, overshoes, and hand-sanitising gel can be used for front-line staff. Over 50 local businesses have already come forward to offer PPE stock, or to use their facilities and staff to produce the items which are required. Please contact 0344 800 8020 if your business or academic institution is able to assist. 

Norfolk County Council currently has 300,000 masks on order locally, and a further million from China. These should arrive over the remainder of April and early May, and will be distributed to primary and social care organisations with the most urgent needs. 

Financial Support

The government's Hardship Fund, providing council tax relief to vulnerable people and households affected by coronavirus, is administered by North Norfolk District Council. Telephone 01263 516000 for assistance.


  • If you are able and willing to help the NHS as a volunteer, you can sign up here. You can offer to help with the following:

1. Community Response: collecting shopping, medication, or other essential supplies for someone who is self-isolating, and delivering these supplies to their home.
2. Patient Transport: supporting the NHS by providing transport to patients who are medically fit for discharge and ensuring they are settled safely back into their home. 
3. NHS Transport: transporting equipment, supplies, and/or medication between NHS services and sites. It may also involve assisting pharmacies with medication delivery.
4. Check-in and chat: Providing short-term telephone support to individuals at risk of loneliness as a consequence of self-isolation. 


  • The government will pay 80% of employee wages for those unable to work, up to a maximum of £2,500 per month. Employers must write to affected employees to inform them they are 'furloughed workers'. The employer must then contact HMRC with details of the employee and his/her earnings.  
  • If you left a job after 28th February and have not yet begun work elsewhere, you can ask your former employer to re-hire and furlough you, so you qualify for the 80% wages support. 

Self-Employed Workers

  • Further support for the self-employed was announced on 26th March: details can be found here.
  • Self-employed workers who do not qualify for the above are eligible to claim Universal Credit at a rate which is equivalent to Statutory Sick Pay (currently £94.25 per week). You do not have to be unwell to claim this. Universal Credit is designed to provide people with a safety net if they're unable to work, or top up incomes for those in work, though how much you get is subject to means testing. Once your eligibility to claim Universal Credit has been established, you may be able to apply for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction through your local authority. You can find out more and apply here.
  • Self-assessment tax payments have been delayed until January 2021. This means self-employed workers will not be required to make the next scheduled tax payment which would ordinarily fall due on 31st July. 
  • The government has postponed reforms to the off-payroll working rules (IR35) until April 2021. 
  • If you are VAT-registered, you will not be required to make your next payment until June 2020 (postponed by three months). 


  • Mortgage payers will be able to request a three-month 'repayment holiday' (as an initial measure). This has been agreed between central government and the banks and will be in place from Monday 23rd March.
  • Landlords are now prevented from starting eviction proceedings against any tenant for non-payment of rent, for an initial period of three months. Most landlords have insurance protection in the event of non-payment by tenants, and will be able to claim against this. 
  • Energy companies are now prevented from disconnecting the supply of any householder for non-payment of bills - whilst bills will need to be paid at some point, this will at least ensure supply continues during the immediate crisis period. 


  • The government's Business Support Finder tool is now live and can be found here.
  • The government will cover 80% of employees' wages, up to a maximum of £2,500 per month.
  • The package of other measures in place can be found here.
  • The New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership offers free advice and support to businesses: details here. Business grants are administered by North Norfolk District Council. You may find New Anglia LEP's factsheet helpful - available for download below. 
  • The Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme is now open for applications. Further information can be found here.
  • A new scheme for businesses in need of smaller loans was announced on 27th April. Bounce Back Loans, up to a maximum of £50,000 or 25% of turnover will be available from 0900 on Monday 4th May. The government will support lending by guaranteeing 100% of the loan and will pay the interest for the first twelve months. Further details here.


The government has announced £750m of support for charities. Charities will also be able to access much of the support currently available for businesses. Further details here

Schools: Advice for Parents/Carers

  • Further information about school closures was published shortly after midnight on Friday 20th March, and includes details about 'critical workers' - those who should continue to send their children to school. Please click here for details.
  • Where children are not attending school but would usually receive free school meals, supermarket vouchers are available - please contact your school to obtain these.


  • The government has relaxed restrictions on drivers' hours to free up more time slots for home deliveries. These will be allocated to the most vulnerable.
  • Supermarkets are recruiting additional staff to keep the shelves stocked, and there are no problems with the supply chain.
  • You should only go shopping for essential supplies, as infrequently as possible, and should adhere to the social distancing rules at all times. 
  • A list of businesses delivering to your door can be found here.

Local Support

Here you can find details of support in your local area. If you are operating a community group, please let us know here, and inform NNDC on 01263 516000.

Coronavirus advice page here.

Coronavirus advice page here.

A Facebook resource linking people with community initiatives and projects. Search for 'Norfolk & Waveney Here to Help'. 

Job search support, careers and training advice. Telephone 0800 917 9419. 

Mandy Honeyman: online and distance education support for parents and students. Email  

Blakeney & Cley
Blakeney & Cley Royal British Legion/Harbour Room: friendly phone call/support. Telephone 07785 731804, 07818 450603, or 01263 741471.
Bridget Candy: friendly chat on the phone/support. Telephone 07909 963706. 

Bodham & Beckham
Volunteer group: prescriptions/medication, urgent supplies, posting mail, other tasks as required. Telephone 07824 381519.

Molly Rushworth: prescriptions/medication, urgent supplies, phone support for those struggling or self-isolating. Telephone 07828 022512.

Volunteer group: prescriptions/medication, shopping, posting mail, friendly chat on the phone, washing. Telephone 07961 872265.
Jon Hancock: prescriptions/medication, shopping, posting mail, friendly chat on the phone. Telephone 07899 917070.

Cromer Cares (Cromer Town Council): prescriptions/medication, shopping, posting mail, friendly chat on the phone, dog walking/support with other pets, providing information via social media and other platforms. Telephone 07789 625033

Facebook group: search for 'Holt Coronavirus Support Group'.
Siobhan Rayner: prescriptions/medication, urgent supplies. Telephone 07570 570442.
Sandy Roper: prescriptions/medication, shopping, posting mail, friendly chat on the phone. Telephone 07900 455464.
Little Star: will provide wool and patterns to help those self-isolating keep occupied (deliveries to the doorstep). Telephone 07783 083854.
Lucy Mitchell: prescriptions/medication, shopping, posting mail, friendly chat on the phone. Telephone 07397 277283.
Mark Laws: shopping, posting mail, friendly chat on the phone. Telephone 01263 711399.
AC Locksmiths: prescriptions/medication, shopping, posting mail, friendly chat on the phone, has van. Telephone 07846 643176.
Melanie Smith: prescriptions/medication, shopping, posting mail, friendly chat on the phone, happy to help with admin. Telephone 07500 060665. 
Mark Boyd: prescriptions/medication, shopping, posting mail. Telephone 01263 711102. 
Mark Laws: shopping, posting mail, friendly chat on the phone. Telephone 01263 711399.
Karen Wilson: prescriptions/medication, shopping, posting mail, friendly chat on the phone, dog walking. Telephone 07717 577206.
Debbie Pike: friendly chat on the phone/support. Telephone 01263 663417.
Karl & Sophie Pearce: prescriptions/medication, shopping, posting mail, friendly chat on the phone, taking people to hospital/clinical appointments. Telephone 07545 840364.
Andy Homer: prescriptions/medication, shopping, posting mail, friendly chat on the phone. Telephone 07834 141001.  

Operation Good Neighbour: prescriptions/medication, urgent supplies. Visit or search for 'Operation Good Neighbour Hoveton and Wroxham' on Facebook. 

Langham Support Group: prescriptions/medication, shopping, posting mail, friendly chat on the phone, additional support. Email

Churches together in Ludham, in association with Ludham Parish Council: prescriptions/medication, urgent supplies, shopping. Telephone 01692 511511

Melton Constable
Giselle Couch: prescriptions/medication, shopping, posting mail, friendly chat on the phone. Telephone 07774 140958.
Debbie Davison: prescriptions/medication, shopping, posting mail, friendly chat on the phone. Telephone 07585 075160.  

Norfolk Chauffeur Company: driving. Telephone 01263 502361.

Northrepps Village Trust: prescriptions/medication, shopping, posting mail, friendly chat on the phone. Telephone 07899 985597.
Martin Frost: prescriptions/medication, shopping, posting mail. Telephone 07756 194114

North Walsham
North Walsham Community Shop & Phoenix Group: financial support for North Walsham Residents. Telephone 07824 166436.
North Walsham Good Neighbour Scheme offering practical support to elderly/vulnerable people. Telephone 01692 558321 or visit 
Marett's Chariots: prescriptions/medication, shopping, posting mail, friendly chat on the phone, help with driving. Telephone 01692 406818.

Volunteers co-ordinated by Plumstead Parish Council: prescriptions/medication, urgent supplies. Telephone 01263 577401

Mutual Aid Sheringham: prescriptions/medication, shopping, posting mail, friendly chat on the phone, other help as required. Telephone 07554 287238 or search Facebook for 'Mutual Aid Sheringham'.
Community Lifeline: prescriptions/medication, shopping, posting mail, friendly chat on the phone, other help as required. Telephone 07766 049329.  
Blyth & Wright has changed its delivery schedule, and will now deliver same day for any orders placed by telephone before 1pm. Telephone 01263 823258.
Budget Convenience Store offering free home deliveries for anyone who needs it. Telephone 01263 822815.
Anglia Taxis: prescriptions/medication, urgent supplies, shopping, posting mail. Telephone 01263 822222
Sheringham Community Support: prescriptions/medication, shopping, posting mail, friendly chat on the phone, other help as required. Telephone 07423 677192 or search Facebook for 'Sheringham Community Support'.

Volunteer: prescriptions/medication, urgent supplies. Please contact the constituency office on 01692 557140 for further details. 

Claire Ayling: prescriptions/medication, shopping, posting mail, friendly chat on the phone. Telephone 07526 000747.

Trunch Community Support Group is being co-ordinated through Trunch Corner Stores. Telephone 01263 722072

Walcott Community Group: prescriptions/medication, shopping, posting mail, friendly chat on the phone. Telephone 07917 821682.

Wells Town Council, Wells Maltings, Heritage House, Wells Community Hospital, and Holkham Estate, have formed the Wells Central Support Hub. Telephone 01328 710564.  
Facebook group: search for 'Wells-next-the-Sea and area Covid-19 Support Group'.

Dawn Moore: prescriptions/medication, posting mail, friendly chat on the phone. Telephone 07421 089099

James Athill: prescriptions/medication, shopping, posting mail, friendly chat on the phone. Telephone 07593 770611.


    If you are self-isolating, you may wish to download the poster (under 'Attachments' below), print it, and attach it to your front door. Norfolk County Council has produced a postcard if you are able to offer help to neighbours and others in your local area. You can download this here.  

    Latest News from Government

    Live updates from the government's news feed appear below. 


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