My Plan for North Norfolk

  • Driving Jobs and Growth

    North Norfolk is an area of outstanding natural beauty with many innovative and diverse businesses. I want to support those businesses to flourish, grow and prosper whilst encouraging more investment and growth into the area.  

  • Improving Rural Broadband & Mobile

    One of the most important things that would make a real difference to people across North Norfolk would be a decent mobile phone reception wherever they live or travel to, and better, faster, more reliable broadband.

  • Better Hospitals and Healthcare

    Healthcare and access to medical provision when we need it, is vital to so many people in our region. Our NHS and the services it provides will be relied on by virtually all of us at some stage in our lives. Considering we live in an area where a quarter of our population is over 70 years old, th

  • Making the most of Post-Brexit Opportunities

    I was part of the majority of North Norfolk voters - 58.9% - who voted to leave the EU. I am proud this is finally being delivered, and keen to help North Norfolk make the most of the many opportunities opened up by the UK's new independence.

  • Homes for our Residents

    Housing is one of the most important issues I care about in North Norfolk. The ability for people to get on the housing ladder and achieve a good job are two of the biggest priorities we all face, and this is why they are also my two biggest priorities. 

  • Support for our Communities

    Whether its policing, transport or education, we will keep on improving the infrastructure and facilities that we all need on a daily basis to support our wonderful way of life and communities.