Ambulance Waiting Times

The awful news that Wells has come out top, where residents have to wait longer than anywhere else in the country for an ambulance, is not a surprise to me.

North Norfolk is being let down again.  What is our MP doing when he says and acknowledges, its a 'perennial problem'.

I want our MP to go out there and fight on our behalf to get the investment so an ambulance station can either be built in Wells or adequate funding can be obtained to ensure we have better resources.

I have experienced the issues first hand.  The amount of times I've dialed 999, to help someone in my town who's hurt themselves and been told the ambulance will take hours to arrive is just not good enough.  Now the news from Wells confirms what we all know in a rural area.  But I'm sorry our MP should be doing far more about this - especially with his NHS connections. Or is this the proof that our MP as a Lib Dem really lacks the power or influence to sort this awful situation out.