Climate Change Discussion in Sheringham

It was a pleasure to join local party representatives from Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party on Thursday night at St Andrews Methodist Church in Sheringham. We discussed policy ideas and other ways in which we can fight the current climate emergency.

In North Norfolk, we must work closely with the environment agency to protect our coastlines and wonderful natural ecosystems. This will include coastal flooding protection to ensure homes next to the sea are kept safe for years to come as well as other defences like rock armour and tidal barriers which help to minimise the effect of the sea on our coastline.

Nationally, we need to think about moving away from fossil fuels, and the UK has already decreased its carbon dioxide by 38% since 1980 bringing it to levels not seen since 1890. A Conservative government is committed to moving away from coal, we've seen the largest decline in coal consumption from a transition to renewable energy sources, creating new, green jobs in the process. We want to invest in electric cars and plan to have all new cars in the UK being zero emissions by 2040, alongside making sure our homes are built efficiently, using less electricity in the process. In 2018, the government signed up to the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, with one of the aims to ensure 100% of plastic by 2025 can be easily reused, replaced or recycled.