Duncan Baker expresses concern over violent incident

North Norfolk MP Duncan Baker has expressed concern at the violent incident which took place, at the weekend, near to Sheringham Tesco.

Having spoken with the police today, it is clear there is rather more to this incident than has been reported in the press, and I am satisfied it is being dealt with swiftly and appropriately. However, it does highlight some ongoing concerns surrounding anti-social behaviour, which is continuing to cause distress and unease for the town’s residents. 

I will be speaking both with Tesco local management and Head Office about some simple things which can be done to deter young people from congregating in the area of the Tesco estate: such as switching off the store’s public Wi-Fi at night, locking toilets, and better lighting in the link walkway. Parents and carers can also play their part by ensuring they know where their children are after dark. 

That said, we do need to remember these are the actions of a small and persistent group, well known to the police, and I’ve been very encouraged by the number of law-abiding teenagers who have disowned and distanced themselves from this behaviour via social media. Sheringham is a very safe place to live, and its teenagers are, on the whole, socially-minded and responsible. Sheringham Neighbourhood Action Panel meets regularly and, working together, we can ensure this spike in anti-social behaviour is stamped out.

I’d like to thank the local police who work so hard to keep us safe and secure. I am reassured that they know who this small group of perpetrators are, and I will lend my full support to help them in ensuring our community is kept safe.

Duncan Baker MP