Elections Results

Now the dust has settled over an extraordinary few days, my first priority is to thank so many of you who supported, helped and voted for me in the town and District council elections.  When so many of my friends and colleagues lost their seats, for me to hold on in the District elections with a significant personal vote has been truly humbling.  I cannot thank those that voted for me enough.  Over the last two months I have endeavoured to knock and speak to every household through Holt, High Kelling, Letheringsett and Glandford. For me I thoroughly enjoy the time, meeting, talking and understanding and respecting people’s views.  Its tiring but I’ve always maintained that there’s more to winning elections than leafleting – its about being known and trusted in your community.  Being fair and honest and having the integrity to represent people well.  These are the principles I hope to maintain for the community as I continue to serve and work on your behalf.  In the meantime a little catch up with my family who’ve not seen a lot of me recently and then my aim is to help raise lots of money for the community and charity through this year’s 1940s celebrations.  The most humbling result was the clear personal vote I received from my local community.  A clear sign of the faith you have in me.  This was replicated in the town council elections where I also topped the poll by a consideration margin.

Thank you, everybody, for everything.