June Newsletter

Dear all,

By the time you read this it will have been around twelve weeks since we started our unprecedented lockdown. I want to thank you for the incredible commitment you’ve made to adhere to the regulations and stem the flow of the virus.

Throughout North Norfolk I have heard some of the most amazing stories of people supporting one another. It has been an absolute privilege to help so many of you with queries or signposting you to the right sources of help.

Throughout this time it has been touching to help repatriate Norfolk people from abroad, help businesses get the grants they need, and good fun to hold a few ‘virtual awards’ for our unsung heroes in the community!

We have done so well in this part of the country, largely thanks to your enormous efforts. People have really followed the social distancing measures and, as such, we have kept the spread of the virus under control. Our next test will be to safely ease out of the restrictions and, even though it might be some time before life returns to normal, I’m sure we will quickly adjust to many of the new procedures.

Parliament has returned this week and is currently working to address some of our own workplace challenges around social distancing. I am glad those that can’t vote in person can now do so by proxy which is just and fair. George Freeman, Jerome Mayhew, and I are working together to lobby for an offshore ring main to support connecting off shore energy to the National Grid. I do not want to see North Norfolk affected by the huge disruption and environmental damage associated with ‘cable corridors’ and it’s clear a much more strategic approach is needed. Wind energy can hugely help us reach our environmental targets and the UK is leading the way with more and more ‘coal free’ days of electricity generation. It’s right that we now turn our thoughts to how we can link up our offshore wind farms with the National Grid in a way that minimises the damage to our beautiful North Norfolk landscape.

As I write this, the latest relaxation has been announced, where six people can meet outside. Our primary schools and nurseries are reopening to more children. Some more retail stores will be able to open soon. This is a positive message on our road to recovery. It will take time, but as long as we continue to look out for each other and help where we can, I hope and believe we will come out of this situation stronger than ever.

With very best wishes,


Duncan Baker MP