North Norfolk Constituency Survey

It is the proudest achievement of my life to represent our home in Parliament.

Regardless of party politics, I have always tried to act as a decent, local man. Whether that is raising over £87,000 for local charities with my marathon running, being the first MP to look after refugees fleeing Ukraine, or taking up your issues week in week out - I’d like to think I have followed in my predecessor’s footsteps in my approach to being your local MP.

Your views are important to me, therefore, please could you spend a couple of minutes filling out this survey. The numbers one to five correspond with how you feel about my questions, with one being strongly disagree, and five being strongly agree.

Yours sincerely,


Duncan Baker MP
Conservative Member of Parliament for North Norfolk

North Norfolk Constituency Survey

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1) Cromer Hospital - Do you agree with my campaign to try and bring more health services to Cromer Hospital; including stroke, dementia, and palliative care?
2) NHS Dentistry - I have campaigned endlessly to improve NHS dental services. Do you agree that access to dental care should remain one of my top priorities?
3) Jobs and the Economy - Tourism is vital to our economy. Do you agree with the Liberal Democrats' plan to consider a new 'tourist tax levy' on some of our hardworking businesses?
4) Rural Banking - Do you support my campaign to change the rules and regulations around Banking Hubs, enabling them to be rolled out with far greater ease for our rural communities?
5) Net Zero - Do you agree with a balanced and sensible approach to Net Zero rather than a costly and expensive transition, such as our pragmatic move to delay the ban on new oil and gas boilers?
6) Housing and Second Homes - My campaign has helped lead to the doubling of council tax on second homes, meaning there is more money to fund public services and social housing. Do you agree with this policy?
7) Illegal Migration - Whilst the Lib Dems favour an open door policy - do you agree that those crossing the Channel illegally should be returned to their home nation or to another safe country?
8) Speeding Issues - I've recently hosted a major public meeting on rural speeding across North Norfolk - do you agree with my campaign to help our towns and rural villages with speeding and road safety?
9) Your Vote - Your vote at the next election is going to mean more now than it ever has. If there was a general election tomorrow, how might you vote?